The Impact of Big Data in Geoscience


Big data is like teenage sex: everyone talks about it, nobody really knows how to do it, everyone thinks everyone else is doing it, so everyone claims they are doing it.

Have you ever persuasive someone to purchase your products or change their minds after your short talk? Have you ever been complimented by your boss or clients that you’re efficient to save his/her time (we all know that time is money)? Have you ever done perfectly when you’re requested to summarize your points in three minutes even though it’s a two-hour presentation?


江苏快三走势图,Are all your answers to the above questions are ‘NO’?  and do you want to turn them to ‘YES’?


Imageyou were at the airport, burning time by checking your BlackBerry or iPhone and reading the paper. Then you spotted the CEO of a company you've wanted to connect with for ages. He was waiting for his flight. Your flight! Should you walk over? What would you say? It’s a great opportunity to talk with him and introduce yourself, while you struggled with your lines and time’s ticking, and then you saw him left, and so is this great opportunity…


Or image you were in a queue for shopping, and then you noticed the girl you like so much is just in another queue, you want to say hi, and have a small talk to impress her, and then invite her to have a drink. You think so hard but couldn't figure out something interesting enough to chat about.. Then you saw her check out and left, and so is this great opportunity…


And here’s another scenario, you tried to make an appointment with an important client but he is really busy, you know your competitors are also want to cooperate with him, so you have to be faster than them. You waited in front of his company for several days and finally you saw him coming, you were so exciting and introduced yourself in a hurry and asked for 20 minutes to introduce your product, but he said he would let your company him from the front door to the elevator, just about one minute, you were took by surprise and forgot what to say.. Then you saw him get in the elevator, and so is this great opportunity…


Did they happen to you? What if things to be different? What if you got the second chance, what would you say? and how would you say it? This Sunday, we’ll have a discussion on the book ‘Small Message, Big Impact’, we would try to start digging out the answers, want to join us?



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